Need Driver Education?  We can help!  

  • The first step to getting your permit is to complete a driver education course. 
  • We currently offer classroom driver education courses at our Poway and Escondido locations.  
  • The 4-day course consists of 11 lessons.
  •  Students are not required to attend the classes in a particular order, as long as they complete each of the 4 separate sessions.
  •  On the students' final class, they receive a certificate of completion.  Students must present this certificate to the DMV when applying for their permit.
  •  The total cost for the driver education course is $65.00.

Click Here to see a list of our upcoming class dates! 



1.  A payment of $65.00.  We accept checks, cash, and credit cards.

      (Checks made payable to Poway Driving School or Palomar Driving School.)

2.  A pen & pencil.

3.  A highlighter, any color.

4.  A notebook with some lined paper.

5.  A lunch or money to buy drinks and snacks during break time.



 To enroll in an upcoming class, please call the office location  which you would like to attend or email us at [email protected].

Please provide your name, phone number, desired class dates, and classroom location (Poway or Escondido) you would like to attend.


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